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Mazda RX-8 Catalytic Converter to fit 230, 192, 250, R3 & Imports

Our Price: £285.00
342.00 inc.vat)
<B>Mazda RX-8 Catalytic Converter to fit 230, 192, 250, R3 & Imports</b>
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Many Mazda dealers in the UK and Europe are now offering this Mazdarotaryparts Catalytic Converter as a viable alternative for their customers over the Expensive Mazda part.

Mazdarotaryparts are pleased to announce that we are able to supply a good quality replacement RX-8 catalytic converter which meets the high standards we look for in a product when supplying our customers and also fully complies with the latest Catalytic regulations that came into force on the 13th August 2009.
Various Mazda dealers are now offering this Mazdarotaryparts product as a viable alternative for their customers.

This Catalytic Converter meets R103 type approval conforming to the new EU Emissions regulations now necessary for RX-8's to pass the U/K MOT test 
As this Catalytic Converter is made using the correct density material for its internals the engine light will work correctly unlike some cheaper replacements.
Potentially this product can save up wards of £1000 compared to the equivalent Mazda part and also comes with new gaskets and 2 year warranty.
Symptoms of failure:-
MOT emissions failure, internal rattle or a reduction in vehicle performance are all symptoms that can be associated with catalyst failure however with the RX-8 if you have suffered from ignition coil failure this has been know many times to cause catalytic converter failure due to the excess fuel present inside the converter due to the faulty coils also if you have suffered from repeated flooding issues this too can unfortunately damage the converter in the same way.
*Disclaimer* - Please note if your RX-8 was not fitted with genuine Mazda coils at the time of the Catalytic Converter or just before, this they may invalidate the warranty.



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