K-SEAL® Water Sealer
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Rotary water system insurance!
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Rotary water system insurance!

Because many sealers on the market will completely block the small water ways in a Rotary  MRP have been testing this sealer for the last few months before announcing this product for use in Rotary engines and are now happy that whilst it will not solve every water leak problem it will cure many.

K-Seal® can be left in the cooling system and will continue to repair leaks as they happen. You won’t even notice that there was a problem. Adding K-Seal® to the cooling system immediately after each coolant replacement ensures that any and all leaks are sealed thus preventing time consuming and costly repairs. K-Seal® will treat cooling systems of up to 23 litres capacity. Larger cooling systems will require two bottles

This unique product is guaranteed to mix with all types of glycol based coolant and antifreeze.

K-Seal® is formulated with ceramic micro-fibres and copper fines of varying size to ensure a fast and permanent seal of all holes or cracks (up to 0.75mm large) in the cooling system.

The special chemical formulation can flow into cracks so fine that they cannot even be seen with the naked eye to form a super-strength seal. The crack or hole is actually filled from top to bottom with the K-Seal® formula resulting in a complete ‘weld’ and permanent repair.



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