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Designed to improve original ignition system performance on vehicles using either electronic engine management systems. These leads fit all RX-8 models
£48.39  (Inc VAT £58.07)
We save customers 160.71 over UK Mazda dealer coils cost 454.71 inc vat per set but identical Mazda coils from Mazdarotaryparts cost just 294 inc vat. Part Number N3H1-18-100C
£280.00  (Inc VAT £336)
Latest Type Approved Catalytic Converter which meets the high standards we look for in a product when suppling our customers, Potentially this product can save up wards of 1000 compared to the equivalent Mazda part and also comes with a 2 year warranty
£285.00  (Inc VAT £342)
RX-8 Engine Mount are the latest genuine Mazda version.
£142.00  (Inc VAT £170.4)