Mazda Rotary parts (MRP) was developed from Shy Auto Developments Limited ( parent company) an automotive parts distributor established in 2002.

The owner of MRP, Clive Haynsford, has a long successful career in motor engineering and motor racing that started by embarking on an apprenticeship initially with Mazda in 1973. This knowledge now helps give Mazda Rotary Parts customers the correct advice for their vehicles to ensure customers hard earned money is spent wisely for their road, track-day or race car.

Mazda Rotary Parts provides parts for many makes of car, but Clive's Mazda passion also includes ownership of his classic rx4 and circuit racing his championship winning 500bhp rx8. Watch some of the races here

The formation of MRP has enabled Clive to offer rotary customers a dedicated and reliable source for parts and components. It’s our long standing relationship with manufacturers such as Mazda that makes us so respected and competitive. MRP supply OEM and pattern replacement parts for original cars as well as providing a wealth of experience in performance enhancements. Clive has more than 40 years’ experience of racing and race preparation in a wide variety of disciplines and an even bigger range of cars.