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£8.00  (Inc VAT £9.6)
Rotary water system insurance!Because many sealers on the market will completely block the small water ways in a Rotary MRP have been testing this sealer for the last few months before announcing this product for use in Rotary engines
£12.77  (Inc VAT £15.32)
Mineral based oil blended specificaly designed for your Rotary Engine to give the best protection possible
£45.00  (Inc VAT £54)
Racing Beat RX-7 Double Pulley Set
£130.00  (Inc VAT £156)
The Racing Beat-designed Double Aluminum Alternator Pulley reduces alternator RPM approximately 20% from stock RPM
£54.50  (Inc VAT £65.4)
We are now able to offer a proven more durable than stock direct replacement Apex seal for the RX7 FB at a price less than you would pay for a stock Apex seal from a Mazda dealer. .
£295.00  (Inc VAT £354)
Racing Beat offers a complete road or race rebuild kit for use on all 12A engines.
£1365.00  (Inc VAT £1638)
The Mazda Factory Race Rotor bearings are the best bearings available of engine operation near or above 8500 RPM.
£130.00  (Inc VAT £156)