rx7 fc turbo ii stage 5 race or road clutch
Ideal for Road, Race.& Trackday use.
£675.00  (Inc VAT £810)
Harnesses for those who require a top class product, but who don't really need FIA Approved harnesses
£90.00  (Inc VAT £108)
Every Mintex Red Box comes standard with 'no quibble' replacement before 15,000 miles/24,000 km or 1 year.
£19.00  (Inc VAT £22.8)
As above
£48.00  (Inc VAT £57.6)
. This clutch offers your car a very good bolt straight in upgrade for any car with increased horsepower but will still be drivable on the street
£345.00  (Inc VAT £414)
From street to road racing, the Racing Beat Aluminum Flywheel is ideally suited for a wide range of performance applications.
£330.00  (Inc VAT £396)
This clutch kit comes complete with the clutch release bearing, pressure plate and centre plate
£345.00  (Inc VAT £414)
Our twin plate clutch boasts the substantial torque capacity and sensitive response called for in high-performance sports cars.
£1407.50  (Inc VAT £1689)
The Kaaz limited slip differential offers up to 100% locking in a precise and progressive unit giving the driver complete confidence to exploit the limits of their car.
£620.00  (Inc VAT £744)
The only fuel pump you should ever need for upgrades.
£155.00  (Inc VAT £186)
As above
£110.75  (Inc VAT £132.9)
Custom Fuel Swirl pots made to your specification
£125.00  (Inc VAT £150)
As above
£18.00  (Inc VAT £21.6)
As above
£48.50  (Inc VAT £58.2)
Designed to improve original ignition system performance on vehicles using either electronic engine management systems
£82.85  (Inc VAT £99.42)
Traditional type quick release bonnet fastener
£18.00  (Inc VAT £21.6)
The Last Air Filter Your Engine Will Ever Need
£62.00  (Inc VAT £74.4)
As above
£29.10  (Inc VAT £34.92)
Available for nearly all turbocharged Japanese sports cars, Blitz dump valves are supplied with an alloy trumpet and a mini SUS filter which are interchangeable for different sounds.
£199.00  (Inc VAT £238.8)