Gates Radiator/pressure Cap to fit all years of RX-8 and RX-7 FD Pressure 0.9
£11.55  (Inc VAT £13.86)
Rotary water system insurance!Because many sealers on the market will completely block the small water ways in a Rotary MRP have been testing this sealer for the last few months before announcing this product for use in Rotary engines.
£14.05  (Inc VAT £16.86)
Racing Beat RX-7 Double V belt Pulley Set
£143.00  (Inc VAT £171.6)
Mineral based oil blended specificaly designed for your Rotary Engine to give the best protection possible
£49.50  (Inc VAT £59.4)
Mazda Rotary Customers will recognize a significant savings over the Mazda Dealer prices, compare and save!
£1353.00  (Inc VAT £1623.6)
The Racing Beat-designed Double Aluminum Alternator Pulley reduces alternator RPM approximately 20% from stock RPM,
£59.95  (Inc VAT £71.94)
We have sold these for 14 years with never an issue letting customers leave their cooling concerns behind with the installation of a KOYO Racing performance radiator
£412.50  (Inc VAT £495)
The Racing Beat-designed Engine Torque Brace for the 1986-92 RX-7 non-turbo substantially reduces or eliminates the shuddering experienced by many RX-7 owners when engaging the clutch in either first or reverse rear.
£77.00  (Inc VAT £92.4)
The Racing Beat-designed and manufactured Oil Baffle Plate slows the return of engine oil as it drains from the engine into the pan. In slowing the oil's return, air that has been suspended in the oil (as foam) is allowed more time to separate from the oil.
£55.00  (Inc VAT £66)
Goopy Performance Apex seals are a proven more durable than stock direct replacement Apex seal for the RX-7 REW engine at a price less than the stock Mazda Apex seal.
£324.50  (Inc VAT £389.4)
Mazda Rotary Parts offers a complete rebuild kit for use for both RX-7 FC Turbo II , EGI and REW FD Determining all of the correct components that are required to rebuild a rotary engine can be a time consuming task.
£1078.00  (Inc VAT £1293.6)
The Mazda Factory Race Rotor bearings are the best bearings available of engine operation near or above 8500 RPM.
£110.40  (Inc VAT £132.48)