As above
£36.85  (Inc VAT £44.22)
As above
£70.35  (Inc VAT £84.42)
As above
£17.33  (Inc VAT £20.8)
As above
£15.35  (Inc VAT £18.42)
As above
£5.01  (Inc VAT £6.01)
As above
£4.57  (Inc VAT £5.48)
As above
£17.55  (Inc VAT £21.06)
Bosch 044 Fuel Pump - the only fuel pump you should ever need for upgrades!
£170.50  (Inc VAT £204.6)
These 1680cc injectors are to fit the top feed fuel rails to give big turbo FD'S the fuel they need
£138.05  (Inc VAT £165.66)
Raising rate fuel regulator for use with the Bosch 044 Fuel Pump or any other fuel pump.
£143.83  (Inc VAT £172.6)
"Safe" under the car fuel swirl pots that bolt to the back of the FD subframe.
£137.50  (Inc VAT £165)
Standard replacment 550cc primary Fuel Injector .
£266.11  (Inc VAT £319.33)
These can also be used to drop straight in replacing your existing primary's to give a good fuelling upgrade.
£298.90  (Inc VAT £358.68)
As above
£70.35  (Inc VAT £84.42)
As above
£53.35  (Inc VAT £64.02)
As above
£132.00  (Inc VAT £158.4)
Will fit all RX-7 . Diameter of leads is 8.5mm. All Magnecor leads are covered by a 10 year guarantee which ensures long lasting reliability and service life.
£61.66  (Inc VAT £73.99)
Blitz Sonic Power Induction Kit is the latest design of filter to hit the market.
£352.00  (Inc VAT £422.4)
The Racing Suction Kit is a combination of the Super Power Flow air filter system and improved inlet pipework.
£479.88  (Inc VAT £575.86)
HKS Super Sequential Blow-Off Valves are CNC machined from billet aluminium, and designed to give quick valve response.
£261.25  (Inc VAT £313.5)
Each dump valve is produced to high quality standards ensuring a fantastic experience for its user.
£86.35  (Inc VAT £103.62)