Mintex" Brake Pads are of the highest quality and all manufacturing sites conform to ISO9002 standard
£34.64  (Inc VAT £41.57)
MRP recomend these race proven brake discs for Road Trackday or Racing over any other one piece disc on the market as a durable good looking product but also an increase in brake performance
£240.00  (Inc VAT £288)
Over the last 6 years MRP has developed for the serious Race or Track day FD driver, we believe this to be the ultimate brake pad combination for the RX-7 FD that uses the standard Mazda brake system
£220.00  (Inc VAT £264)
The primary benefit from this brake line set is a reduction in brake pedal travel and improved brake feel
£80.00  (Inc VAT £96)
MRP is able to offer you a complete front and rear Hawk brake pad set in compounds that will be kind to your standard Disc whilst improving your brake performance by a large amount with the added bonus of a pad that will have very good resistance to brake fade over the standard brake pad
£185.00  (Inc VAT £222)
easy to apply, quick drying and has an outstanding high quality, long lasting, lustre finish which will enhance your vehicle's brake calipers, wheel hubs or engine bay.
£17.50  (Inc VAT £21)
Brake Discs for RX-7 FD special edition models such as the RS RSR editions etc that are fitted with Mazda's bigger production brake kit.
£492.00  (Inc VAT £590.4)