rx7 fd3s stage 5 clutch race or road as used in our own race car
Ideal for Road, Race.& Trackday use.
£745.00  (Inc VAT £894)
This quality clutch kit comes complete with the clutch release bearing, pressure plate and centre plate
£345.00  (Inc VAT £414)
"Mazdarotaryparts" developed Exedy Stage Two Clutch with cerametalic centre plate.This clutch offers your car a very good bolt straight in upgrade.
£449.00  (Inc VAT £538.8)
Weight Comparison RX-8 Stock Flywheel: 16.8 lbs / Racing Beat Aluminium Flywheel: 8 lbs.
£330.00  (Inc VAT £396)
Kaaz limited slip differentials have the largest friction plate surface area of any limited slip differentials.
£595.00  (Inc VAT £714)
Clutch Release Bearing
£65.60  (Inc VAT £78.72)
We can fit this product at a fixed price of 150 plus Vat less the delivery charge shown on the shop. If you are fitting a new Clutch assembly you may want to consider renewing theClutch release arm.
£85.00  (Inc VAT £102)
The 6-Puck 240mm Sport/Race Clutch Disc is designed for road race and occasional drag race use.
£275.00  (Inc VAT £330)
You will need to replace either or both of these items if you are experiencing either loss of fluid, having trouble engaging gears
£115.00  (Inc VAT £138)
EXEDY Stage One Sports clutches. All of Exedy clutch discs have high capacity spring center dampers to reduce the drive train shock and impact
£410.00  (Inc VAT £492)
Counter balance weight
£124.00  (Inc VAT £148.8)
Unlike conventional light weight flywheels, this flywheel provides better response and output in high-speed operation without sacrificing low-speed torque.
£360.00  (Inc VAT £432)
This ATS clutch for the RX-7 FD hold up to 800bhp and still drive like a stock clutch on the road.
£1780.00  (Inc VAT £2136)
ATS Triple Carbon Clutch suitable for any twin or triple Rotor RX-7 FD for up to 1200 BHP
£2150.00  (Inc VAT £2580)
The carbon "Super Blade" clutch will handle up to 500 bhp but will still drive with no juddering pulling away with enables an improved shift feel and easy clutch operations.
£1275.00  (Inc VAT £1530)
Replacement Clutch slave cylinder which may be required if you are losing clutch fluid
£115.00  (Inc VAT £138)