Blitz Sonic Power Induction Kit is the latest design of filter to hit the market.
£320.00  (Inc VAT £384)
The Racing Suction Kit is a combination of the Super Power Flow air filter system and improved inlet pipework.
£436.25  (Inc VAT £523.5)
HKS Super Sequential Blow-Off Valves are CNC machined from billet aluminium, and designed to give quick valve response.
£237.50  (Inc VAT £285)
Each dump valve is produced to high quality standards ensuring a fantastic experience for its user.
£78.50  (Inc VAT £94.2)
Each fitting kit comes with a full set of instructions to make the job as easy and straightforward as possible.
£32.50  (Inc VAT £39)
Dual ports with sequential timing allow quieter operation during normal driving loads with the benefit of a Supersonic during race conditions
£195.00  (Inc VAT £234)
This BOV is now the highest flowing in our range, out flowing most BOVs available.
£213.25  (Inc VAT £255.9)
Turbosmart Plumb back for the serious enthusiast NOT wanting to be noticed.
£163.25  (Inc VAT £195.9)
This is a stand alone programmable 3 stage boost controller that the Aussie's rave about.
£340.25  (Inc VAT £408.3)
Employs the Dual Drive System succeeded from the Super Sound Blow Off Valve DD.
£229.00  (Inc VAT £274.8)
This kit includes everything needed to install onto your vehicle.
£275.00  (Inc VAT £330)
Front mounts in the mouth Intercooler for safety reasons
£515.00  (Inc VAT £618)
These filters simply replace your existing standard air filter (element) and offer reduced restriction of the intake system thus optimising horsepower
£55.00  (Inc VAT £66)
As above
£14.30  (Inc VAT £17.16)
As above
£20.00  (Inc VAT £24)
As above
£14.95  (Inc VAT £17.94)
As above
£20.00  (Inc VAT £24)
As above
£12.15  (Inc VAT £14.58)
As above
£13.65  (Inc VAT £16.38)
HKS Super mega flow replacment filter
£18.50  (Inc VAT £22.2)
The Last Air Filter Your Engine Will Ever Need
£48.99  (Inc VAT £58.79)