mazda rx8 goopy high performance direct replacement apex seals
We are now able to offer a proven more durable than stock direct replacement Apex seal for the RX-8 at a price less than you would pay for a stock Apex seal from a Mazda dealer.
£324.50  (Inc VAT £389.4)
Genuine brand new Mazda RX-8 engine supplied directly from Mazda to fit 192 5 speed or 231 6 speed RX-8
£3875.00  (Inc VAT £4650)
As suggested this is a more comprehensive rebuild kit than the previous kit for high mileage engines or engines with issues other than just loss of compression . (This kit saves over 200 than buying from Mazda)
£1125.00  (Inc VAT £1350)
This kit is for engines that are taken apart and it is found that the only discernable wear has happened to the Rotor Apex seals that normally are found to have worn to around half the depth they should be, accounting for low compression.
£550.00  (Inc VAT £660)
Invaluable for disassembling and reassembling all RX-8 engines
£25.00  (Inc VAT £30)
When buying the low compression kit you may wish to add these Stationary Gear Bearings to the kit
£101.20  (Inc VAT £121.44)
Genuine Mazda RX8 Rotor Bearing price quoted is for one Rotor Bearing.
£39.05  (Inc VAT £46.86)
The Mazda Factory Race Rotor bearings are the best bearings available of engine operation near or above 8500 RPM.
£110.40  (Inc VAT £132.48)
All the gaskets needed to fit the ancillary's onto your new engine
£176.00  (Inc VAT £211.2)
genuine mazda rx8 & rx7 13b water seal kit
Genuine Mazda Water Seal Kit , includes all the seals to bolt the Rotary Engine block together.
£170.00  (Inc VAT £204)
Genuine Mazda Long Life FL22 Premixed coolant that contains all the inhibitors to keep the inside of your water jackets healthy and clean as well as keeping your engine cool in the summer and stop freezing in the winter
£25.63  (Inc VAT £30.76)
Genuine Mazda Standard Replacement Radiator to fit all Series 1 five or six speed RX-8's
£257.40  (Inc VAT £308.88)
Oil cooler protective screens offer vital protection for these critical engine components
£35.75  (Inc VAT £42.9)
Save 49.00 over retail price
£154.00  (Inc VAT £184.8)
Rotor Housing to fit all pre R3 models
£874.50  (Inc VAT £1049.4)
04-08 RX-8 Racing Beat Uprated Oil Pressure Regulator - 90-95 PSI plus Thermal Bypass Pellet Replacement kit so you know the oil is properly getting to the places it should all around the engine.
£121.55  (Inc VAT £145.86)
mazda rx8 starter motor uprated r3 style to fit any 5 or 6 speed rx8 & help reduce flooding
This Mazda RX8 R3 super fast starter motor spins the engine faster to a greatly reduce the risk of flooding your RX-8 both hot and cold. We have sold hundruds of these and they have helped RX8 Owners all over the world
£135.00  (Inc VAT £162)
Genuine Mazda water tank to cure low level light issues
£192.50  (Inc VAT £231)
The Racing Beat S-Port Templates allow you to undertake your own porting efforts on all model years of the Renesis 13B engine
£105.88  (Inc VAT £127.06)
Gates Radiator/pressure Cap to fit all years of RX-8 and RX-7 FD Pressure 0.9
£11.55  (Inc VAT £13.86)
Superb integrity and superior performance reduces the risk of component failure
£113.30  (Inc VAT £135.96)