As above
£22.17  (Inc VAT £26.6)
One pair Cabin (Pollen) Filters for your air conditioning system
£15.95  (Inc VAT £19.14)
As above
£9.63  (Inc VAT £11.56)
As above
£11.83  (Inc VAT £14.2)
Synionic's Unique Rotary Engine Oil meets the needs of the Rotary Engine which thousands of Rotary Owners have used for maximum protection for their Rotary Engines for years.
£49.50  (Inc VAT £59.4)
Designed to improve original ignition system performance on street vehicles using either electronic engine management systems or carburetors.
£53.23  (Inc VAT £63.88)
The last Air filter your RX-8 will ever need
£60.50  (Inc VAT £72.6)
As above
£4.40  (Inc VAT £5.28)
Castrol A747 is a very high performance, low ash, part synthetic lubricant with castor oil, specially formulated for use in road and racing Rotaries
£15.40  (Inc VAT £18.48)
£7.15  (Inc VAT £8.58)
complete set of genuine ngk rx8 spark plugs
£110.00  (Inc VAT £132)
We save customers 160.71 over UK Mazda dealer coils cost 454.71 inc vat per set but identical Mazda coils from Mazdarotaryparts cost just 294 inc vat. Part Number N3H1-18-100C
£308.00  (Inc VAT £369.6)
To fit all 5 and 6 speed models. This R3 starter motor spins the engine faster to a greatly reduce the risk of flooding your RX-8 both hot and cold.
£360.89  (Inc VAT £433.07)
The engine mounts that hold the engine up and in the correct position are large rubber doughnuts that insulate the frame of the car from the vibrations of the engine
£171.82  (Inc VAT £206.18)