rx8 clutch alignment tool
Clutch plate Alignment Tool for all 5 and 6 speed RX-8's
£5.50  (Inc VAT £6.6)
Mazda RX8 Genuine Exedy 3 piece Clutch Kit, Pressure Plate, Centre Plate and Release Bearing
£269.50  (Inc VAT £323.4)
This clutch kit comes complete with the clutch release bearing, pressure plate and centre plate
£253.00  (Inc VAT £303.6)
National Autos Parts Quality Budget Clutch Kit
£154.00  (Inc VAT £184.8)
rx8 stage 5 ultimate race & fast road clutch (6 speed)
Ideal for Road, Race.& Trackday use.
£742.50  (Inc VAT £891)
Weight Comparison RX-8 Stock Flywheel: 16.8 lbs / Racing Beat Aluminium Flywheel: 8 lbs
£363.00  (Inc VAT £435.6)
This gear set will give faster acceleration plus make the gearing more usable on the race track and will interchange exactly with the stock parts.
£797.50  (Inc VAT £957)
As above
£52.80  (Inc VAT £63.36)
Kaaz limited slip differentials have the largest friction plate surface area of any limited slip differentials.
£654.50  (Inc VAT £785.4)
This clutch offers your car a very good bolt straight in upgrade.
£379.50  (Inc VAT £455.4)
Semi-Synthetic multigrade gear oil developed specially for modern 5 and 6 speed gearboxes
£15.13  (Inc VAT £18.16)
This braided clutch line will replace the rubber hose to give a better feel to the clutch for road or racing.
£33.00  (Inc VAT £39.6)
RX8 Clutch Master cylinder  2003-2008 not R3
£93.50  (Inc VAT £112.2)
Counter balance weight
£136.40  (Inc VAT £163.68)
RX8 Clutch Slave cylinder
£49.50  (Inc VAT £59.4)
Unlike conventional light weight flywheels, this flywheel provides better response and output in high-speed operation without sacrificing low-speed torque.
£396.00  (Inc VAT £475.2)
The carbon "Super Blade" clutch will handle up to 500bhp but will still drive with no juddering pulling away with enables an improved shift feel and easy clutch operations.
£1402.50  (Inc VAT £1683)
Mazda RX8 R3 Clutch Master Cylinder 2008-2012
£137.50  (Inc VAT £165)