Full ignition Kit to bring your RX-8 back to full health / Mazda would want 454 Just for the coils alone !!.
£375.00  (Inc VAT £450)
We save customers 160.71 over UK Mazda dealer coils cost 454.71 inc vat per set but identical Mazda coils from Mazdarotaryparts cost just 294 inc vat. Part Number N3H1-18-100C
£280.00  (Inc VAT £336)
Save 28.80 inc. of VAT per coil over Mazda UK dealers.MRP can offer the latest 100% Genuine Mazda uprated coils to its customers. These coils will fit any RX-8 Part Number N3H1-18-100C
£80.00  (Inc VAT £96)
Designed to improve original ignition system performance on vehicles using either electronic engine management systems. These leads fit all RX-8 models
£48.39  (Inc VAT £58.07)
These Magnecor KV85 8.5mm ignition leads are primarily designed for racing engines using racing ignitions, turbochargers and superchargers
£65.00  (Inc VAT £78)
These Hotter Spark Plugs for all RX-8's and they will also reduce flooding, particularly If you only use your RX-8 for short journeys MRP Price 100 plus vat / Mazda dealer price 160 plus vat
£80.00  (Inc VAT £96)
To fit all 5 and 6 speed models. This R3 starter motor spins the engine faster to a greatly reduce the risk of flooding your RX-8 both hot and cold.
£160.00  (Inc VAT £192)