RX8 Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank 2004-2011
RX8 Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank 2004-2011
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Direct replacement for your factory plastic coolant expansion tank.
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Direct replacement for your factory plastic coolant expansion tank. Made in the USA, all aluminum with beautiful TIG welding. Constructed with internal baffles and a machined aluminum neck that takes a factory cap. All of the inlets and outlets are positioned to match up with the factory hoses. The tank mounts to the same location as the factory tank and is built with the same dimensions for an easy fit.

As these cars age, the factory plastic tank is a common failure point because the plastic gets brittle and cracks. The RX8 relies on this tank to be a pressurized part of the cooling system, which means that as soon as a crack forms the system loses pressure and the engine overheats. We've had more and more people bring in cars with blown motors due to this simple failure, and along with a new expansion tank now they need a new motor as well, so we decided it was time for a "lifetime" solution. This tank is the solution. It will not fail over time like the factory tank, and looks great as well!

Installation NOTES: 
While the factory squeeze-clamps on the hoses can be re-used, they get weaker the more they are removed/installed and having a tight seal on all the hoses is important since this tank is pressurized. We recommend changing the squeeze clamps out for worm drive hose clamps which can be found at any auto parts store.

Sensor NOTES: 
Your factory tank has a "dummy" level sensor in it. When the sensor is unplugged, it sends the same signal as when it is plugged in and the tank is full. This aluminum tank does not take that factory sensor. When un-installing the factory tank to install this one, simply disconnect the wiring plug from the factory tank and secure it out of the way. This will not trigger a light on your dash.

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