Ziroctec Ultimate Heat Management

Zicotec Ultimate Heat Management, as used in all levels of motorsport including F1, NASCAR, World Rally and Le Mans, as used by almost the entire F1 grid.

Mazda Rotary Parts are proud to have been the first internet provider to offer this ultimate industry leading Heat Management solution.

Zircotec plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings can be applied to exhaust systems; exhaust manifolds; inlet manifolds; engine components; turbo charger housings;plus Carbon Fiber components ;

Zircotec coatings have been proven to: Reduce underbonnet temperatures by up to 50oC (122oF), as independently measured & confirmed by DAMAX Race Engineering; Increase engine performance, eg. a 30oC drop in intake air temperature can deliver a 6% increase in power, or can increase engine efficiency leading to less fuel usage; Extend the life of vulnerable components and thereby enhance engine reliability.

So how can I get my components Zircotec treated to Formula 1 specification?

Stage 1:- Email sales@mazdarotaryparts.com and we will arrange collection and re-delivery of your components with initially only a shipping fee.

Stage 2:- Your components will be inspected and quoted upon, dependent on color required etc.

Stage 3:- With a normally a ten day turnaround your Zircotec coated components will be returned ready to operate in the harshest of heat environments.

How much does it cost?